Blog Level untuk mengukur Influence, Popularity, Engagement dan Trust

Seorang kawan mencoba memasukkan alamat blognya di situs Blog Level dan kemudian mempublikasikan hasilnya di milis, akibatnya aku jadi tertarik dan ikut-ikutan memasukkan alamat blogku di situs itu.

Hasilnya seperti apa?

Inilah hasilnya.

Influence 39.7
Popularity 44.5
Engagement 33.6
Trust 43.3

Terlihat bahwa masih perlu ada peningkatan disana-sini agar blog ini makin bermanfaat bagi para pembacanya. Blogku yang lain kucoba masukkan juga di situs ini dan hasilnya seperti ini.

Influence 49.3 (impressive)
Popularity 54.0 ( incredible)
Engagement 45.7 (well engaged)
Trust 51.7 (something to be admired)

Badge Blog Level Score

Badge Blog Level Score

Di bawah hasil penilaian tersebut ada beberapa keterangan yang berisi penjelasan lebih rinci tentang angka yang kita dapatkan.

Untuk blog Dari Kaca Mataku, inilah penilaiannya :

Your influence score – Your score is impressive and your blog is truly influential in your sector. Where focussed conversations have become more important your blog has shown itself to be a leader. To improve your score try and address issues quickly so that people come to your site to understand how topical news is interpreted. Your site may not be TechCrunch but you are doing what it takes to be an important source of information in your field. Not only have you become an authoritative source of information but recognised leading sites are listening and linking to what you say.

Your popularity score – Your popularity score is incredible – you really have an amazing number of people within your community who listen to what you say. This number is largely based on recent inbound links (from blogs and twitter), good use of SEO and the size of your subscribers base. Many blog measurement tools purely rank people according to the number and authority of recent inbound blog links but BlogLevel also takes into account how your amplification through other social media channels. However, please remember that just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they are influential. With your huge number of followers it is important that you recognise that your reach can be incredibly powerful – take special care on what you post and don’t forget to interact.

Your engagement score – You are quite well engaged but there are things you can do to improve your score. To engage better make sure you participate in conversations about your posts on Twitter, encourage and respond to people’s comments and address issues quickly, honestly and with the invitation of feedback and follow-ups. Linking to other blogs (link love) is crucial whilst providing regular, topical content is a must.

Your trust score – Congratulations – your trust score is something to be admired. The Edelman Trust Barometer states that 77% of people refused to buy products or services from a company they distrusted. It is trust that makes someone act – for this reason alone, having a high trust score is considered by many to be more important than any other category. One of the simplest measures of trust is if someone voluntarily listens to what you say or pushes other people to read what you have written. The number of subscribers you have and inbound links from Twitter and other sites make up a large weighting in deciding your trust score. Your posts are interesting, credible and informative and probably spread far around the world. Well done and keep it going.

Tertarik mencoba? Silahkan masuk ke situs ini.

Bloglevel Dari kaca mataku

Bloglevel Dari kaca mataku

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